could you tell the use of technology in this bookin this book what type of technology do they use

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An interesting question.

The author of this book is still alive--I saw her speak once--and this is an autobiography, so the technology is, generally speaking, American 20th century technology, with a few twists that make it more rural. The technological events that get the most attention are things like driving cars at night, riding street cars, using typewriters, etc.


lx1992 | Student

Thanx for posting your question.

SInce the word  technology here is expressed in concern of the book rather than what it talks about, a logical answer would be only limited to the general query which is of course technology. But to be a little more specific to your convinience, I would say that the use of technology in that book is a review of the creation of a more convinient way of deciphering information. Through this evolving world of technology,  the book has been the basic foundation for storing information especially historical information.( the typewriter is my witness). And so has the creation of cars, which travel during the day and night. For as long as technology exists and evolves, it 's foundations will always be reflected upon.

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