Robert Burns

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Could you provide a short synopsis on Robert Burns which includes his most  famous poem and other poems which are well known? 

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Robert Burns, a Scottish poet, wrote in 18th century. He used Scottish dialect, and is now considered the national poet of Scotland. In 1785, he published a book of poems called The kilmarnock volume that catapulted him to fame. It includes what is probably his most famous poem, "To a mouse," which mourns the destruction of a mouse's nest due to a man's ploughing of a field. It conveyed sympathy for animals, and by extension, for poor, ordinary people struggling to survive.  It includes the famous lines, "the best laid plans o mice an men/gang  aft agley," meaning the best laid plans of mice and men often go wrong. Other famous Burns poems include the "A Red, Red Rose," and "Tom O Shanter." 

Burns is considered a Romantic poet because he wrote in everyday dialect and composed poems about ordinary people. The Romantics rebelled against classical poetry forms, such a rhyming couplets and poems based on Greek and Roman literature. The Romantics wanted to convey emotions "recollected in tranquility" and celebrate both common people and the natural world. 

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