Could you provide biographical information on author Bart Paul?

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Bart Paul is a contemporary American writer of short fiction, novels, and nonfiction, including television documentaries. He has also produced criticism for the Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Paul's notable nonfiction work includes the biography Double-Edged Sword: The Many Lives of Hemingway’s Friend, the American Matador Sidney Franklin (University of Nebraska Press, 2009). Martin Rubin called the book "fascinating" in his 2010 Washington Times review.

Paul's personal experience working on cattle ranches in the American West and on pack trips through the Sierra Mountains inform his Western thrillers Under Tower Peak (Arcade, 2013), and Cheatgrass (Arcade, 2016). Under Tower Peak was described by Kirkus Reviews as "Wild-country noir with gripping, compelling action" "reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy and James Lee Burke."

An alumnus of University of California, Berkeley, Paul lives in Bridgeport, California, and Smith Valley, Nevada.

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