Could you provide an example of a modified outline for James Joyce's "The Sisters"?

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iandavidclark3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An outline is a handy method of organizing your thoughts in order to manage them better. While outlines are usually used to organize thoughts for essays, it's also possible to make an outline for a story in order to understand it better. Here's an example of what an outline might look like for James Joyce's short story "The Sisters":

I. Exposition

A. The young narrator meditates on the possibility of the death of Father Flynn, his friend and mentor.

B. Based on a conversation between his uncle, his aunt, and the neighbor Mr. Cotter, the narrator learns that Father Flynn has indeed passed away.

C. The narrator has troubled dreams of the sickly Father Flynn.

II. Main Action

A. The narrator visits Father Flynn's house and confirms that the priest is indeed dead. 

B. Walking through Dublin, the narrator remembers his education with Father Flynn and recalls important details about his relationship with the priest.

C. Accompanied by his mother, the narrator visits the house of mourning and Father Flynn's two sisters, Eliza and Nannie.

D. The sisters reminisce about their dead brother and talk about the manner of his death.

III. Conclusion

A. Eliza alludes to the reason why Father Flynn left the priesthood, and suggests that, due to a mistake during Mass, the priest's mind began to unravel.

B. The story ends with Eliza remembering the night Father Flynn was found laughing to himself in the confessional, leading the community to believe that something was wrong with him.

This is just a very rough outline, but it delineates the basic structure and main arc of the story. Along with eNotes' other excellent resources, it should be a helpful example for your own outline. Good luck!