Could you please tell me where to find the following quote in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?: "I was terrified. The OK Cafe was a dim organization on the north side of the square

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This is from Chapter 11, about 16 paragraphs into the chapter. 

The quote is important because it sets up the relationship between Jem, Scout and Mrs. Dubose, their neighbor. Initially Scout is scared of her, and Jem doesn't like the way she makes fun of his father. Jem destroys her flowers in anger, and he and Scout are punished because of it. For six days a week for a month, the two of them must go to her house and read to her.  

As they spend more time with her, their opinion of her begins to change, and after she dies, Atticus reveals the truth about their visits: Mrs. Dubose was addicted to morphine and spent the last month of her life knowing she was going to die because she was trying to kick her habit. The children were a distraction for her and gave her some comfort in her last days. Scout and Jem end up thinking that she is very brave and strong. 


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