Could you please recommend (and supply a link to an eBook) to texts set in Ireland and written by an Irish author? Supply at least three texts (preferably short stories, novelettes, novellas) that are set and based in Ireland (any parts) and are written by an Irish author. Thank you to whoever answers :).

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If you can have older works, they are more likely to be in the public domain and available for free.  Here is a site with many of Joyce's works, including several short stories, all in extexts:

Here's a site with several Irish authors, also etexts:


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I highly recommend the best works by Frank O'Connor, especially "Guests of the Nation" but also "Bridal Night," "The Long Road to Ummera," "First Confession" (a famously funny story that most students enjoy), and many others. "Guests of the Nation" is, in my opinion and that of many others, one of the most powerful short stories ever written.

Here's a link to various works by various Irish writers:

You can find an e-text of "Guests of the Nation" by searching for that title on Google, followed by the word "text." You can also read the entire text online if you search for The Frank O'Connor Reader in Google Books.

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One Irish text and author originally reaping controversy and critical disapproval is The Playboy of the Western World by J. M. Synge. It was under Yeats' tutelage that Synge undertook his Irish projects in the Aran Islands and Yeats came to his defense when audiences were outraged and walking out. Gutenberg Project offers the online text.

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You can't really examine Irish literature without examining James Joyce and his incredible short stories that appear in Dubliners. My favourites include "Araby" and "The Dead," which seems to act as the main story linking all others together. Apart from these, I can heartily second the suggestion of Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt which gives a fascinating if rather upsetting account of life in Limerick and the kind of poverty that the author endured.

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Outside of those named, I would have to add the following Irish authors to the list:

Jonathon Swift( Gullivers Travels), Oscar Wilde ("The Importance of Being Earnest"), George Brernard Shaw ("Arms and the Man"), John Millington Synge (The Playboy of the Western World), and Oliver Goldsmith ("The Citizen of the World"). 

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Bram Stoker was an Irish writer; while he is most famous for Dracula, he also wrote a lot of short stories which are availble to read online - look here.

I would certainly second James Joyce as a "must" on this list; you can find some of his short stories online as well.

Also, regarding #2's info about  Frank McCourt, McCourt passed away in 2009.

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A milestone in the history of short fiction in Ireland where at the time of its publication in 1907 the longer fictional form received more esteem, Dubliners is a marvelous and coherent collection of short stories that read something like an "ages of man."  James Joyce, who began these stories as a graduate of University College in Dublin, Ireland, completed his collection appropriately with "the Dead" when he was twenty-five.  However, because he attracted attention as a novelist with the serial publication of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Dubliners was not recognized at first as the great work that it is.

For, in the Dubliners, Joyce's presentation of detail is made in such a way that description transcends the literal to the level of symbol.  His collection is divided into five sections, which three stories treating each of the following:

  1. childhood
  2. adolescence
  3. mature life
  4. public life
  5. married life

The last story in the collection, "The Dead," combines all these five categories.  And, after the story of adolescence, Joyce discontinues the overt use of epiphany, an awakening to one's condition and the essence of its meaning, and allows the readers themselves to discern the epiphanies.

See the link below for an ebook of Dubliners. And, here at enotes, there are study guides and critical essays available to aid in your understanding of Joyce's.

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Any list of Irish writers has to include James Joyce. All of his works are set in Ireland. You might want to start with his book Dubliners, which is a collection of short stories. If you're ambitious, you might try to read his novels Ulysses. 

Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis, lives in the United States now, but he is from Ireland and has written about his early life and family there.

Maeve Binchey, on the lighter side of literature, has set several of her novels in Ireland, particularly Circle of Friends.

There are many other famous Irish writers, like Seamus Heaney, Samuel Beckett, Jonathon Swift, George Bernard Shaw, and William Butler Yeats. However, they weren't necessarily novelists or, if they were, set their stories in Ireland.

As for etexts, you can find all of the books I've suggested at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I don't think you're going to find free versions of complete texts anywhere on the internet; although some of Joyce's stories from Dubliners are available. I've provided enotes links to a couple of them and to Joyce's biographical novel Portrait of the Arist as a Young Man.

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