Could you please name some metaphors in ''The Happy Prince'' by Oscar Wilde? I am writing a term paper on this topic, so it would be really helpful if you could provide me with the answer.

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Rather surprisingly, Oscar Wilde does not use many overt metaphors in "The Happy Prince." He uses a plethora of similes as he describes the settings and characters of the story, but metaphors are scarce. When the Swallow first arrives in the town of the Happy Prince and takes refuge under the statue, he says, "I have a golden bedroom." This metaphor compares his comfortable perch to a bedroom, which it is not, as he discovers when the tears begin to fall upon him since there is no roof. When the Swallow describes Egypt to the Happy Prince, he says of the yellow lions that "their roar is louder than the roar of the cataract." This metaphor compares the sound of the lions' roar to the sound of a river's rapids.

The tale also contains personification . Personification could be considered a type of metaphor since it compares non-human things to humans. When the Swallow's beloved Reed is called a coquette and a flirt and when she dances, readers know that Wilde is...

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