Please critique this web page, explaining why you would not like it if you had excessive credit card

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since I'm not in debt, I don't know for sure how this page would strike a person who needed your service.  However, this page strikes me as looking like a scam rather than like the page of a trustworthy business.  It looks to me like one of those full page ads in magazines or newspapers advertising the "Amish Miracle Heater."

The reason for this is that the page has all sorts of (to me) garish "bells and whistles."  There is all the highlighted text.  There are repetitive checkmarked lists.  There are breathless claims "You've Never Seen a Program Like This!"  To me, all of that makes the page look like something that is trying too hard to persuade me that it is real and effective.

So, my reaction to this page is that it does not inspire me to trust the company.  Instead, it makes me feel that the company must be trying to push me toards something that would not be in my best interest.