Could you please give a short summary on Robert Cormier. Sorry, I am having trouble finding out much about him.

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The award-winning author Robert Cormier (1925-2000) wrote two of the finest works of adolescent fiction of the 1970s: The Chocolate War (1974) and I Am the Cheese (1977). Born to French-Canadian parents, Cormier is a native of Leominster, Massachusetts. Cormier based many of the events of his novels from the "frightening" years spent at a Catholic grammar school. Cormier began writing when he was in first grade, and eventually became the president of his class at Leominster High School. He attended Fitchburg (Massachusetts) State College, where his work was first published. He spent time working at a radio station and as a reporter; even after becoming a successful novelist, he continued writing for the local Fitchburg Sentinel newspaper. 

His first novel of adolescent fiction, The Chocolate War, has become recognized as one of the finest teen novels ever written. Because of its controversial content--including secret societies, graphic language, and sexual content--it has become one of the most banned books in American public school libraries (ranking 4th). His second teen novel, I Am the Cheese, won the Phoenix Award (given to novels written 20 years before that had won no awards) in 1997.

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Hi nicholas2223,

One answer to your question can be found on another eNotes page, namely:

"The Chocolate War: Author Biography." Novels for Students. Ed. Marie Rose Napierkowski. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 1998. January 2006. 6 October 2011.

Another answer can be found on the fantastic fiction website (see reference link below).  This site will also provide you with a list of his novels.

The third link will provide you with an author interview between Mr. Cormier and some of the library staff who work at the Internet Public Library.

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