Could you please give me a summary of chapter 7 of "History of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford? 

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The seventh chapter of William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation covers the period of time when the Pilgrims departed from Leyden in Holland and went to Southampton in England.  This was when they prepared for their journey to the New World.  Before they left Holland, a "ship was bought, and fitted."  This ship was used to transport the Pilgrims.  The group was prayerful about their departure, though they were sad to leave the place that had become their home.  They had lived in Leyden for twelve years, and they considered it to be a good home.  They bade farewell to their friends who they were leaving behind.  A strong wind brought their small ship to Southampton, where another ship was waiting for them.  This larger ship had been built in London.

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