Could you please give me "The Frog and the Nightingale" in dialogue form?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that if you were to transfer Seth's poem into dialogue form, you would probably focus on an opening scene of the frog croking or bellowing his tune in the bog.  I think that it might be appropriate to capture the reaction of the animals to his song.  They are not repulsed, but they are not inspired.  Perhaps, something internal from the frog's part might work in terms of being able to reflect how happy he is with his current situation.  The immediacy of the nightingale has to be brought out and I think that the tone towards the nightingale should be something reflective how how happy she is to purely sing.  The idea of being able to sing so freely and then sing to the adulation of others would be important to bring out.  It is here where I think that the frog's envy has to be reflected, something that is not immediately brought out in the poem.  From this point on, I think being able to translate the actions in terms of the frog and the nightingale is critically important.  The poem reflects this interaction in dialogue form, so translating it is not that challenging.  The fundamental issue that you might have to address is whether or not the nightingale reflects any dissension in terms of how the frog is treating her or if she simply see it as "coaching."

abhiabhishek | Student

Initial dialogues have been provided for you. You can continue writing further dialogues based on the pattern:

(Scene)-On a cool night, the frog sang with his croaking and cacophonous voice in Bingle bog. A nightingale came and sat upon a sumac tree. With her melodious and sweet voice, she started singing. Suddenly, the frog croaked.

Nightingale: "Sorry- was that you who spoke?"

Frog: "Yes, you see I'm frog who owns this tree. In this bog I've long been known for my splendid baritone. And, of course, I wield my pen for Bog Trumpet now and then."

Nightingale: "Did you....did you like my song?"

Frog: "Not too bad- but far too long. The technique was fine of course, but it lacked certain force."

Nightingale: "Oh!"........

  Now i think it is easier for you 2 complete conversation...........