Could you please give me ideas for a possible next chapter to Of Mice and Men (e.g George buys the land). However, this should be interesting. Thanks

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There are many wonderful possibilities that could take place if the novel Of Mice and Men were to extend past the death of Lennie.

1. Slim and George, with their new brotherhood, leave the ranch in hopes of finding a new place to work. Eventually, they are able to save money up and buy the land that George and Lennie talked about. George purchases rabbits and cares for them in remembrance of Lennie.

2. George returns to the ranch with Slim. Angry at the position Curley's wife put Lennie in, George decides to punish Curley for his wife's part in Lennie's death. George kills Curley and goes on the run.

3. George asks for one of Slim's puppies and goes off on his own. He decides to live the life Lennie spoke of when talking about running away to the hills.

4. George cannot handle the fact that he had to kill Lennie. His conscious weighs too heavily upon him and he takes his own life. The chapter ends with George, Lennie, Aunt Clara, and the big rabbit working on their farm in heaven.

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