Could you please give examples of how the different animals react to the leadership in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Boxer, the horse, works harder and harder...hoping to achieve the green pastures of retirement promised by Old Major in his initial speech to the animals.  He notices the changes in the rules, but is determined to work hard and refuses to ease up on himself.  Of course, he never sees green pastures, just the inside of the truck which will take him to the glue factory.  The sheep are representative of the dumb masses who follow blindly, regardless of the rule changes.  Benjamin can read, and is contantly preaching at the animals, "Fools! Fools!  Do you not see what is written?"  He notices the changes in wording and the subterfuge that is taking place, yet he is powerless to convince the animals that anything dishonest is going on.  Mollie goes wherever she can be pampered and wear ribbons in her hair.  So, as you can see, the reactions are vast and varied.  These animals are meant to represent people...whose reactions are also vast and varied in the midst of government action, laws, and rule.