Could you please describe how feelings are shown visually in Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton, Pitiful Human Lizard by Jason Loo, and SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki? In other words, the focus should be on images that show how characters are displaying emotions.

Feelings are shown visually in Hark! A Vagrant, Pitiful Human Lizard, and SuperMutant Magic Academy in terms of where the characters are positioned in the panels. Anne Brontë’s distance from her sisters indicates she feels differently about watching men. Confronted by a standing Claire, Lucas’s sitting position demonstrates his stagnant emotions and frustrated feelings. Cheddar’s feelings of confidence in his assessment of Pete are conveyed by how he stands out from his teammates.

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In Kate Beaton’s collection of comics, Hark! A Vagrant, Beaton shows feelings in her images by how she spaces the characters in her panels. In the comic about the Brontë sisters, Emily and Charlotte are drawn closer together. Their nearness clarifies that Emily and Charlotte feel the same way when it comes to men. Anne, on the other hand, is placed farther away. Her separateness indicates that she doesn’t share the same feelings during the “dude watchin’.”

In Jason Loo’s Pitiful Human Lizard, the position of the characters also helps convey emotion. When Claire confronts Lucas about the status of his “second-quarter report," Claire is standing and Lucas is sitting. This might explain why Lucas feels helpless and unfulfilled at his day job. After volunteering to try some pain medications, Lucas is drawn faced down on the floor in his vomit. Now, the position of Lucas conveys feelings of extreme illness.

As with Pitiful Human Lizard and Hark! A Vagrant, SuperMutant Magic Academy expresses characters’ feelings and emotional states via their placement in panels. For example, Cheddar’s body stands out as he and two other football players watch Pete. Sure enough, Cheddar's feelings about Pete’s butt distinguishes him from his teammates.

In this example, Jillian Tamaki’s rendering of faces adds to the emotion of the characters. To show that his two teammates deviate from Cheddar’s feelings, Tamaki draws them looking quizzically at Cheddar. To represent Cheddar’s feelings of confidence in his opinion, Tamaki draws Cheddar's face looking straight ahead as if he's unbothered by the homophobic reactions of his teammates.

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