Could you please define Rh factor in two to three sentences?

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The Rh factor is also known as the Rhesus factor.  It is named from the Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Weiner experiments in 1937.  There are types of blood: A, B, O, and AB. Every type is also identified as positive or negative.  This negative and positive label is used as a reference to the Rhesus factor of the blood. Rh positive have the Antigen present in their blood, while a Rh negative person does not have the Antigens.   If a person has a blood type of A and has the Rhesus factor they are considered to be A-positive, or A+, blood. If people are missing the antigen, they are Rh-.  I am B negative and I have a twin who is B positive.  She has the antigens and I don’t. 

“More than 85% of people are Rh-positive. People without the Rhesus factor, that is, people that don't have the antigen in their blood, are Rh-negative.”

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