Could you please balance C2H5OH+O2=H2O+CO2

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Balance the equation



H =>  Nos. of H on L.H.S. =6  and Nos. of H on  R.H.S.= 2 , to balance H, multiply `H_2O`  by 3. Thus


So, H ( Hydrogen) is balanced.

O => Nos. of O ( Oxygen) on  L.H.S. =3   and Nos. of O (Oxygen) on   R.H.S. = 7 , to balance O, multiply `O_2 `  by 3 and `CO_2` by 2.Thus


So, O (oxygen-`O_2` ) is balanced.

C=>  Nos. of C on L.H.S. =2   and Nos. of C on   R.H.S. =2 , 

So C ( carbon ) is balanced.

Thus balance equation is



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