Could you help me with an outline of the Ch. 40 of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from beginning to "en splendid den what dat one wuz"?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In one of the funniest episodes of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain satirizes Tom's romanticizing the idea of Jim's "escape" from prison by having Jim subjected to rats and snakes in his prison and by creating notes from gangs that want to steal Jim. Then in Chapter XL:

I. Tom and Huck continue their plans

    A.  Huck and Tom go on a picnic after finishing their last note. At the river, they check out the raft and make sure everything is in order.

    B.  They return home

         1. An agitated Aunt Sally makes the boys go straight to be.

         2. The boys sneak to the cellar for a lunch to take on their forthcoming adventure.

    C.  Tom sends Huck back to the cellar for the butter which has been left behind.

         1.  Aunt Sally hears him, so Huck puts the butter under his hat.

         2.  She questions him, and she makes him go into the setting-room while she investigates after Huck denies having any reason for going to the cellar.

     D.  In the setting-room are "fifteen farmers" with guns.

         1.  The men fidget by scratching their heads, changing their seats, and fumbling with their buttons.

         2.  Huck grows warm and the butter starts to melt.

     E.  Aunt Sally returns, notices the butter run from under his hat, and assumes that Huck has "brain fever."

         1.  When she removes his hat, she is relieved to observe only butter.

         2.  She tells Huck that he should have confessed to taking the butter, for she would not have cared and sends him to bed.

     F.  Once upstairs, Huck makes his escape and meets up with Tom at Jim's cabin.

          1.  They hear the tramp of men and run, but Tom's pants catch on a nail

          2.  When Tom frees them, the board makes a noise and shots are fired.

          3.  The boys run and dodge many of the bullets

          4.  The dogs run upon them, but, recognizing the boys as part of their group, they continue on searching for someone else.

          5.  The boys set out for the island where Huck's raft is as they hear the men yelling and the dogs barking.

          6.  Jim congratulates Huck on the escape plan:  "It 'uz planned beutiful, en it 'uz done beautiful...."

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