Could you give me three reasons why we should travel abroad?Could you give me three reasons why we should travel abroad?

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Ashley Kannan | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I would think that the most overwhelming reason why travel abroad is important is to broaden the awareness of other cultures.  With an increasing globalized setting, the need to understand other cultures is critically important as we are not able to draw lines of division between cultures that will never interact with us or elements with which we will never interact.  In this light, travel abroad allows us to gain a greater feel of cultures and the elements that help to define it.  Another reason why tourism and travel abroad is important is because so many nations depend on it.  In this point, the globalized setting once again emerges because of the interdependence of economies in the new setting.  I would say that another reason that tourism and travel is important is to validate our own home experiences.  I have always found that traveling abroad rekindles a certain amount of love for the place that I left.  This is not out of anything negative, but rather confirming the reality that each domain possesses different attributes to it.  In the end, traveling abroad always seems to remind me of Dorothy's line of how "There's no place like home."  Our journeys then become voyages back to our homes.

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Reasons to travel abroad:

First, I think it is a wonderful experience to see the world, and come home and appreciate what we have where we live. It makes you see the world differently,too.

Second, immersing oneself in other cultures, including food, history (which I love), art, etc., is good for the soul. Man is an amazing creature: all over the world.

Third, sorry...but I have to say it: shopping. It doesn't have to be big stuff, but I like some memento that captures the essence of the places we visit. We traveled to China years ago to adopt, and I still love to open my curio and study and touch my little "treasures" and remember what an amazingly different place it was. (The best souvenir, tho', is our daughter...).

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I think that there is only one reason to travel abroad -- that is to enjoy sights and experiences that you cannot get at home.  I do not think that you can really experience some other culture by going there for two weeks, so I don't think that the cultural experience means much.

However, there are many things that you might not be able to experience in your own country.  For example, I cannot go anywhere in the United States and see a building that has been standing for 2000 years the way I could in Rome.  I can't see the Great Wall of China in the US.  So by going to other countries, I can see sights and get experiences that are not available in my home country.

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Traveling abroad can be a great way to learn about oneself as well as about another culture.  Encountering and overcoming challenges with different languages, customs, travel arrangements gone awry, etc. can help one develop inner strength, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills that are not needed and therefore not tested in the home culture.

Traveling abroad enhances appreciation of the enormous variety within the human experience - which I contend enriches life!

Traveling abroad shakes up life attitudes and patterns and forces the traveler to reevaluate priorities and outlooks on life, which is a good thing for everyone to experience occasionally!

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I'd say traveling abroad gives context to learning new things. Reading literature set in foreign lands can give you an idea about a place, but until you've been there it's really difficult to understand the places and people being discussed.

Also, living in one place for all your life and never leaving can make you forget that places outside your own exist. It can be hard to create a frame for thinking about global events. Traveling helps you to remember that America is not the only country in the world, and that life is vastly different for people in other places.

The final reason I'd give is FOOD! :)

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Travel abroad makes the things you have always heard about or learned about more real and more meaningful.  To be in the place (if not the time) of historical events makes those places come alive in way that a textbook or someone's telling just can't.  You can see pictures of the Lake District in England, but go there, and you can really feel why Wordsworth was so inspired to write all those poems.  You can hear stories and see pictures about how the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted, but go there, and see what all the fuss is really about.  Real water-roads?  Yes -- in Venice.  The list is endless.

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#1 I used to think that there was no real reason to travel.  Then I took a vacation to England with my mother.  Usually when we travel we strengthen relationships, either with the people we travel with or with people we meet.  Traveling is such a profoundly transformative experience that it indelibly links two people that travel together.

#2 As stated above, traveling gives you firsthand experience with other cultures.

#3 You get to visit places you have only read about, in literature or history.

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One of my best friends always says that travel broadens the mind. It's true, in my opinion. Although we have access to other cultures through translated works of literature, international journalists, and films that are set abroad, it's not the same as actually living in a foreign place. Can you really know yourself if you've never tried to see yourself and your culture from the eyes of an outsider?

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I think that travel should encompass a reasonable time scale in order to to gain an awareness of cultural difference including food and customs. Gaining a true understanding of a language spoken in its native land is also an experience, as is the diversity of animal, insect and plant life in their native surroundings.

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lrwilliams | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

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As others have mentioned one reason to travel abroad is to broaden our horizons. When we see how other countries and cultures live it gives us a better understanding of the world. I think that it can also make us appreciate what we have in our own backyard on some occasions.

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sahara2266 | Student, Undergraduate | eNotes Newbie

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1. broaden your horizone/openmindedness

2. to get away from eurocentrism and nationalism

3. to see how big the world really is that has so much to offer and to learn from

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Travelling abroad is a wonderful experience.  It allows you to see  things with your own eyes that you read about in books. You get to experience other cultures first hand and learn so much about the world, by being out there and exploring it for yourself.

There seems to be something about travelling that unites people.  I always come back from a trip with new friends I met around the world, and we still email each other from across the globe.

I believe traveling changes people, every time I return from a trip, I think I come back as a different person.  Seeing and experiencing the world and meeting new people, not only teaches me new things, but it makes me want to continue.  Travelling exposes me to interests I didn't know I had otherwise, and after meeting new people, I hear about new places I want to go.

Travelling broadens your interest and knowledge, it allows for amazing experiences, meeting new friends and learning about our world.

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We travel to foreign countries because they are different from our own. By experiencing an alien environment, our own views and beliefs are thrown into a new light. We are challenged to see the world out-of-our-comfort-zone. It can force us to have startling thoughts and revelations, we re-evaluate the things we believe and look at the world in a broader way.

When you see a huge brahmin cow sitting happily in the fast lane of a freeway, because it is a holy hindu cow, and all the cars are swerving drastically to avoid it creating high-speed chaos. Your first thought is, 'That's completely insane', but then again, maybe something you do is equally insane, but you've never noticed how weird your own behaviour is, because you don't 'see' it.

Seeing alien cultures makes you re-examine your own. The more alien the culture, the bigger the questions that you discover about yourself and your culture. True travel is a journey of self-discovery. And it is one of the most wonderful experiences possible.

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well, firstly it gives you a sense of excitement that ur going to a new country

secondly,you get to explore different culture, places and people

lastly, you will get to make lots of good memories