Could you give me three character traits of Shane of some examples of each?I am having trouble finding traits for this character, Shane.

Expert Answers
hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hardworking - From the first day Shane stepped foot on Joe's ranch, he worked hard for him.  The best example of this is when he worked hours without rest alongside Joe to remove the stump that had been a nuisance to Joe for so long.

Brave - Shane seemed to have no fear of anybody.  The battle against the ranchers was not necessarily his to fight, but he certainly didn't shy away from it.    The most prominent example of this is when Stark Wilson came to town.  He quickly made a name for himself as the best shot around.  He killed Ernie Wright, a local farmer, in a gun battle and had no qualms about killing more.  Shane decided to take a stand against him.  Shane squared off with him and killed him, ending the feud between the ranchers and the homesteaders.

Loyal - Shane showed the most loyalty to his friend Joe.  Joe offerred him a place to stay and for that Shane felt forever grateful.  He helped his friend on the farm and in fights when the ranch hands tried to start trouble with him.  But his greatest act of loyalty came when Shane chose to walk away at the end, despite the fact that there was a deep connection and strong feelings between he and Mrs. Starrett.  He refused to betray the man who was always acted honorably toward him.