Could you give me some quotes of the need for companionship (with page number if possible) in To Kill a Mockingbird?  Preferably about the characters, specifically (i.e. Boo Radley). Thank you.

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At the beginning of Part Two (Chapter 12), Scout discovers that Dill will not be coming to stay in Maycomb that summer, and she is "crushed." Scout and Jem have not been getting along--"He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody"--and Atticus is away in Montgomery for two weeks. Scout is lonely, and she wonders how her summer will turn out without Dill.

     The fact that I had a permanent fiance was little compensation for his absence. I had never thought about it, but summer was Dill... summer was the swiftness with which Dill would reach up and kiss me when Jem was not looking, the longings we sometimes felt for each other. With him, life was routine; without him, life was unbearable.  (Chapter 12)

Mayella Ewell, on the other hand, has no friends whatsoever. She is stuck taking care of her younger brothers and sisters in the Ewell shack by the dump, and the only love that she finds is in tending the geraniums she grows. She seems dumbstruck when Atticus asks if she has any friends, and Scout recognizes that

     As Tom Robinson gave his testimony, it came to me that Mayella Ewell must have been the loneliest person in the world. She was even lonelier than Boo Radley... Tom Robinson ws probably the only person who was ever decent to her... (but) when she stood up she looked at him as if he were dirt beneath her feet.  (Chapter 19)

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