Could you give me four names of animals that belong to the four seasons please?1. summer 2.Autumn 3. Winter 4. Springthankyou and pl i need this answers for today pl

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different animals are associated with different seasons for different reasons. Some are associated with the season for biological reasons; some are associated for social reasons, such as history or myth.Here are a few associations.Robin: spring (sign of spring)tree frogs: summer (that's when you hear them)Geese: fall (they fly south in the fall)

Arctic hare: winter (they are white, and almost invisible in the snow)

Some cultures associate other animals with specific seasons; China does this.

erinowl | Student

It would depend on ones location as to what animals one might associate with the different seasons. An individual's particular experiences would also play a role in what animals they associate with the seasons. For example, someone who spends much time outside and lives in the Appalachain region of the United States may make the following associations:

Summer: Salamanders, Ticks, Tree Frogs

Autumn: Deer,Owls

Winter: Bears (hibernating)

Spring: Colts, Calves, Lambs (new born farm animals), Butterflies

These could vary from place to place. A person living near the shore, or in a city may have differenct associations.