Could you explain why Piaget's work has been important for people working with children and young people

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Piaget's work, specifically his stages of development, are important when working with children because the stages provide a guideline for how a child thinks and views the world within a specific age group. I found his stages particularly helpful when teaching at a daycare/preschool. I noticed many teachers expecting a 2 year old to always follow instructions and to refrain from touching things like dirt or puddles outside. According to Piaget, children at this age connect play to the 5 senses and learn from trial and error. Another thing I noticed in the preschool class is that the children need to be hands on. At that age they learn best by doing, so having them sit and watch a teacher perform an experiment is not as beneficial as allowing them to perform their own experiment.

Overall, Piaget's stages help differentiate what is and is not appropriate for teaching methods when working with children.

I believe a brief personal anecdote can help explain. While in college, learning to be a...

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