Could you explain why Piaget's work has been important for people working with children and young people

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Piaget's work is so significant to people who work with children because it enables them to understand that children's development is based on stages.  The construction of identity and knowledge as one predicated upon the development of stages helps to explain the intellectual growth of children.  I think that this becomes essential in working with children.  The ability of children to understand different concepts and different approaches in teaching concepts as based on stage development is of vital importance to those who work with children.  I think that Piaget's ideas can help to construct the notion of learning as not something linear and not something as depository, but rather as an element that must be understood in accordance to the stage of the child.  In this, Piaget's work becomes invaluable to educators and those who work with children for it allows one to understand why children learn at the rate they do.  This is essential for those who work with children as it helps to explain some of the most fundamental issues behind why children learn and how to proceed with instruction of children.