Could you consider Jack/Piggy as two parts of the same symbolic character? Is it possible to do so for Ralph/Piggy? All main characters? Discuss. More interested in discussion and opinions than a canned or "standardized" answer from Lord of the Flies.

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I would look at Jack and Piggy as the two sides of human beings in general.  Jack represents the physically beautiful, the strong and quick, and he also has the ability to make quick decisions as a leader and can figure out what people want, how to satisfy them.  Piggy lacks all the physical strength and beauty as he is fat and ugly and totally unable to work socially, but he is a powerful thinker, the only one of the boys to really think through things rationally.

One could also connect Ralph and Piggy and say that Ralph was the outward voice that provided some of the things Piggy lacked, but I have to say that I think Piggy and Jack combined would really provide a more complete human, a more interesting and powerful combination.

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