Could we live in a classsless society?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do believe that it would be possible to live in a society that does not have classes.  That is because I do not feel that class plays any sort of a vital role in our society.  This may, however, be because the US does not have clearly delineated classes.

If we were to say that we could not live without class, we would have to somehow identify what it is about class that makes it necessary to our society.  Class does not serve as a major way of creating solidarity in our society.  Because so many Americans identify themselves as part of the “middle class,” there is very little solidarity created by identifying themselves in this way.  Class does not serve as a good way of enforcing social control.  We cannot easily identify people by their class and keep them in their assigned status in society.

In short, there seems to be no really important role that is played by class in our society.  To answer this question, try to think of any role that class plays.  Do you think there is a role that class plays that would make us unable to live without it?