Does the monster prefer human company to monster company?Or does he just want female company and love?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Recalling when Victor Frankenstein first witnessed the "birth" of his creature, the creature smiled at him; however, Victor was so repulsed when the creature's face took on movement that he fled.  This reaction of the monster is almost like imprinting with animals.  When a newly born creature opens its eyes, it assumes that what it sees is his parent, and it recognizes this parent forever.  The lasting impression og the sight of Victor Frankenstein upon his soul and mind is why the creature cries when Victor Frankenstein dies; he has lost the parent that he loves.

In his request to have a female creature made for him by Victor, the "monster" asks this only because of his terrible aloneness.  Meaning in life depends upon sharing for the creature as much as it does for humans. Certainly, the allusion to Adam cannot be missed.  But, rather than being in the Garden of Eden, the cruel world of nineteenth century Europe that abhors physical ugliness and malformity exists. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the monster does want love.  But that does not mean he prefers a monster's company rather than human company.  In fact, in my opinion, the monster wants to be human (after all, he is human in some way).

In my opinion, the monster only asks Victor to make a female monster because he has found out that no human beings (except the old blind man) will treat him well.  He wants to be human, he wants to be with humans, but they are so offended by the way he looks that they reject him.  That is why he wants a femal monster companion.

So, I do believe he wants human company.

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