Could the boys in Lord of the Flies overcome their fear by hunting?

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danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very feasible that the boys could overcome their fear through the figurative, literal, and physical act of hunting and killing. Hunting provides an outlet of pent up fear and aggression. In taking a life, in killing the prey, the boys might feel as if they're improving their situation. The adrenaline also would be coursing through their veins as they participate in the thrill and exhiliaration of chasing something, sneaking up on something, then bringing that game to the table. After awhile the boys discover the "beast" that is on the island and so begin huntin that because it becomes to represent their fear, their anxiety, and the nameless threatening feeling they all experience. Hunting is a release, it is a course of action, and it improves their situation by "putting meat on the table." Hunting is a viable way of surmounting any feelings of fear the boys might have.

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