Could the plot of Rebecca make sense if the setting was America in the 21st century? Why or why not?

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Since the plot of Rebecca does not hinge on historical, national, or global events in any meaningful way, someone with a clever imagination could very easily adapt it to any time period or physical setting, and America in the twenty-first century would be no exception. Even in our modern times, when people are supposed to be more educated by history and reason than ever, one only has to live in America to realize that there is no shortage of impetuous young persons, both men and women alike, eager to consider a passing fling or "one night stand" to be true love. A naive young woman marrying a wealthy man would still be easy to believe in modern times.

Furthermore, modern technology could put an even more haunting spin on the memory of the titular character. More than just portraits, there could be photographs, videos, even lingering online accounts that still cause her to have a very tangible presence both within and without the modern Maxim's household. The twenty-first century is an age...

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