Could someone write a literary analysis for the short story "The Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie? Many thanks.

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In "The Witness for the Prosecution," the protagonist, Leonard Vole, has been charged with the murder of the immensely wealthy Emily French. The text tells us that Emily bequeathed the bulk of her fortune to Leonard before her death.

The antagonist is the enigmatic Romaine Vole. For her part, Romaine is an interesting antagonist. While claiming to oppose Leonard's interests, she actively works on his behalf.

In the story, Leonard is a static character. He portrays himself as a misguided but well-meaning young man. In actuality, Leonard is an impostor. He takes on a boy-next-door persona to deceive his solicitor, Mr. Mayherne, who does not realize that his client is engaging in a cynical act of deception. When questioned by Mr. Mayherne, Leonard disarms the latter with his quiet earnestness.

Leonard openly admits that his case looks bleak. He even acknowledges the unpleasant rumors surrounding his unusual relationship with Emily. Throughout his interaction with Mr. Mayherne, Leonard portrays...

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