Could someone tell me what city Oedipus grows up in and the city he rules please?

iklan100 | Student

On Oedipus's birth, his father King Laius of Thebes is warned that his son will grow up to slay him, so he is taken out of Thebes and left as a baby on Mount Cithaeron- and his ankles are pinned together (i.e. the name Odipus being derived from this meaning 'Swollen Feet'). However, as luck would have it, a shepherd discovers the baby and takes him home and eventually, he ends up being adopted by King Polybus of Corinth-- where he is brought up.

Ironicallly, when Oedipus grows up, he goes to the Oracle at Delphi too, where he is told that he will slay his father- so he resolves never to return to Corinth! Travelling away, he reaches Thebes, meets and kills his real father Laius, and ends up marrying his mother Jocasta and ruling Thebes.

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