Could someone suggest a critical essay - scholarly, peer-reviewed - on the short story?  I need one to reference in a research paper.

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The link inclued is a fairly good read about several Rushdie works.  The short story in question is featured and with it are some interesting analyses about some of the ideas in the story.  For instance, the story possessing a theme of nationalism is something of interest in that the article makes the claim that Miss Rehana would rather live a happy life in India than a miserable one in England.  This inverts the traditional depiction of the West from those in the East and is something that reflects a unique element in the story.  The other element that is interesting in the review is the discussion of the unreliable narrator.  Certainly, this is something in Rushdie's works, but could have been expanded a bit to reflect how this is a dominant presence in other works written by Rushdie.  The enotes link might also yield some good information that could assist you in the research process.

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