Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

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Could someone please provide a summary for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl? I would like a one page summary, please.

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The story begins by introducing readers to the Bucket family. Charlie, his parents, and his four grandparents all live in the same house, and they are extremely poor. There isn't a lot of hope in the Bucket family, but there is a lot of love, and it is directed at Charlie as much as possible. Charlie's one bit of happiness comes from seeing the Wonka factory and being given the occasional chocolate bar. One day, Charlie's dad comes home with news that Mr. Wonka will be opening up his factory for the five children that can find the "Golden Tickets" that are hidden in the Wonka chocolate bars. Against all odds, Charlie secures a ticket. Charlie is allowed to take one guest, and he takes Grandpa Joe. The factory is amazing and beyond their wildest imagination, and slowly but surely, the other four children are removed from the tour due to their misbehavior. As Charlie is the only remaining child, Mr. Wonka tells him that he won. Charlie's prize is taking full ownership and control of the entire Wonka business. Then, Charlie is taken to the great glass elevator along with Mr. Wonka, and they go shooting up through the roof of the factory to go and get the rest of Charlie's family. The second book in the series, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, begins at this point.

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After hearing wonderful tales about Mr. Willy Wonka from his Grandpa Joe, Charlie Bucket dreams of seeing the inside of the elusive Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory.  Wonka had shut his door to visitors many years before when it was discovered that one of his employees was selling company secrets.  One day Mr. Wonka announces a contest to find five golden tickets hidden in five chocolate bars worldwide.  The first four are found by: Augustus Gloop in Germany, Violet Beauregarde in the US, Veruca Salt in England, and Mike TeeVee in the US.  The fifth is found by Charlie after he sees some money lying in the street and buys a chocolate bar for himself.  The five children go to the factory accompanied by one adult each; Charlie brings Grandpa Joe.  Each is warned to follow the rules outlined by Mr. Wonka to the letter.  Four of the children break the rules and are sent home.  Charlie turns out to be the winner of the unannounced competition, and he actually wins Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory.  It was Wonka's wish to find a successor to take over after his death in the future, and he wanted to trust his secrets only to a child who would do things Willy Wonka's way, and not his own way. 


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