What is a significant quote from Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory"?  

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With the theme of friendship that is forged among social outcasts, many of whom are women, Truman Capote writes his "A Christmas Memory." It is a significant quotation, then, that upholds or illustrates this theme. Here is one such quotation:

Dusk turns the window into a mirror:  our reflections mingle with the rising moon as we work by the fireside in the firelight. At last, when the moon is quite high, we toss the final hull into the fire and, with joined sighs, watch it catch flame. 

In a way, this passage serves as a metaphor for the odd friendship of Buddy with the older woman:  Buddy is the firelight, his friend, the moon. With the flames, the frienship is forged.

Besides the meaning of the words, this passage is significant, too, because it exemplifies the beauty of description with which Capote writes.

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