Could someone please give me a quick summary of chapter 2 in So Far From The Bamboo Grove?

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dkgarran eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yoko, Ko and Mother make their way towards the train station along the river. They are approached by Korean soldiers but are able to hide successfully. The family overhears the soldiers talking about killing Japanese.

Upon reaching the train station, the family sees that it has turned into a triage center, packed with seriously wounded people. They have written permission from Corporal Matsumura to board the train even though they are not sick and they are allowed to board the women's boxcar. Patients continue to get sicker and sicker and some even die on the trip.

Ko takes over as caregiver, looking after both Yoko who struggles with thirst and hunger, and Mother. When the train stops for coal and water, the Korean Communists board the train to search out those who should not have been on the train. The nurse helps Yoko, Ko and Mother hide amongst the patients by disguising them with bloodied clothes. The Communists leave when the nurse tells them that Mother has smallpox. Unable to continue hiding safely on the train, the family jumps off the train and starts to follow the tracks towards Seoul.

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