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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare
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Please give me 10 important things that happens in Chapter 7 of The Witch Of Blackbird Pond.

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Ten things? That's quite a few! Instead, I will give you a general summary of this chapter and then you can pick out the information that you want from it. It isn't that long a chapter, so you might even want to have a read of it yourself.

This chapter primarily concerns the courtship between William Ashby and Kit. Kit finds his first visit when he "calls" on her to be slightly awkward as she doesn't know how to make conversation with him. What is worse is that William seems quite happy to just sit and stare at her, not feeling the need to talk to her at all. Kit, of course, does try to make conversation, but is frustrated by its failure, and so she is greatly relieved when Rachel asks them in to join the rest of the family and Holbrook, who is visiting. Rachel prepares popcorn for them and William begins to talk about his house that he is having built. This topic moves on to a discussion based on the right to own property, and Kit is amazed when William defends his point of view against Matthew concerning politics. A small argument develops concerning the policies of Governor Andros, and with three different points of view represented. Matthew Wood argues against royalism and for the freedom of the colonists. William seems to not want to anger the King, and finally John, as we would expect, follows the position of his teacher, Dr. Bulkeley in saying that the problem is an issue of interpretation of the charter.

The two visitors leave shortly afterwards. Kit expresses relief that this will be the last visit of William Ashby, but Mercy and Judith are swift to tell her the true intention of William's visit. The house he talked about is being constructed for his new wife, and it is clear to them that he is planning to marry Kit. Unfortunately for her, her cousins seem to be right, and this is the first of many visits William makes to call on Kit. Although Kit is confused by his attentions, she still looks forward to these visits as a welcome break in a routine that consists of hard work, that, in spite of her efforts, she seems unable to master.

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