Could someone please explain to me what these cells mean and what they do in easy explinationsgolgi body chloroplast, centoles ,vesicle and cilia

Expert Answers
hart379 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The items you listed are not cells.  They are organelles that are found in a cell.  Organelles are specialized structures that perform certain functions (jobs) for the cell. 

The golgi body, also called the golgi apparatus, is an organelle that modifies, packages and ships a protein out of the cell.  The golgi is similar to a UPS store.  The cell makes a protein and takes it to the golgi where the golgi makes any necessary changes to get the protein ready to leave the cell and ship it out to other parts of the body. 

The chloroplast is an organelle that is found plant cells and some bacterial cells.  It converts sunlight into usable energy for the cell.  In other words, it takes the sunlight and mixes it with carbon dioxide and water to make sugar (also referred to as carbohydrates or glucose) and oxygen.  The cell can then use the sugar to get energy to perform necessary cellular functions. 

The centrioles function in cell division.  When the cell divides, the centriole helps form the spindle which attaches to the chromosomes and helps separate them so the new cells both have a copy of the chromosomes.

A vesicle is a small sac that encloses material from the cell.  Vesicles form from the cell membrane and help materials go in and out of the cell.  They are similar to moving boxes.  When you move you put your belongings in a box and then carry them around in the box.

Cilia are short hairlike projections that help the cell move and help filter materials.  Cilia are similar to the bristles of a brush.