Could someone help me summarise 'The Rainbow?'Also, I'd appreciate it if someone highlights the themes of the book.   Thanks

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In the case of sumarizing the novel 'The Rainbow' by D H Lawrence, it helps to know whether the student is being asked to summarize the story itself, or whether it is a critique summary. I will presume you have been asked to summarize the plot. Start with one good strong sentence encompassing what the novel briefly addresses (love, the difficulties in relationships between men and women, through the eyes of a couple etc. ) Go on to say how the life events/difficulties that are portrayed in the book make compications for these central themes - but don't stray too far from the story itself.

Include these main storylines (embellishing them with a 1/2 sentences referring to central theme if you have been given the word count to allow that:)

Who is Tom Brangwen and who did he marry?

Their early married life together at The Marsh.

Anna's childhood and schooldays.

Early difficulties for Anna and Will.

Anna's triumph of childbearing.

Anna's 'rival' - the religious life.

Anna and Will re-unity period.

Tom's death by drowning.

Ursula's feelings of obligation and passion.

Ursula's bid for independence.

Broken dreams - her disillusionment.

A 'rainbow of hope' after all.

(Other themes - colonialism,institutions,nationalism,spiritualism)


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