Could someone help me out with just finding the tone, mood, relationships, and a discusion of the different elements?POETRY RESPONSE. I only need one more idea, but i can't find anything. HELP!!

elizzybec | Student

To remember mood and tone you must remember that reading someone's work is a relationship between your feelings and the author's feelings.  It's really between two people and how they each feel about the body of work, short story, novel, etc.

Mood is the way you react or feel about what you're reading.  If you're reading a short story by Stephen King and the story is describing a dark bleak world with sudden attacks the mood (how you are expected to feel) would be uncomfortable, spooked, unsettled, etc.  If you are reading a novel about the return of the black plague and it's very descriptive the mood would be uneasy, queasy, paranoid, worried, or however you would react reading about something like that.

Tone is the attitude, or how the author feels about his/her subject matter.  The tone can be determined by examining the choice of words the author uses.  This will help determine tone.  For example, If I were to be a Nazi enthusiast (purely hypothetical btw), you would expect harsh, negative language when describing Jewish people.  That would be expected of a neo-Nazi blogger or author.  Another example would be if I were a writer (which I am) and were to write a short story about Nazis I would use language such as 'cruel' 'excessive' 'genocide' 'hate' 'murder' all indicating that I, as the author detest the Nazi, or neo-Nazi ideology.  That is the tone of my work if I were the author.

I teach a simplified version to my high schooler students:

mood is how you feel about the work.

tone is how the autor feels about the subject he is writing about.

YOU sounds more like MOOD.  So mood means 'you'

tone therefore is author (a little trick if you forget which is which)