Sarah Osborne The Crucible

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Goody (or Goodwife) Osborne is one of the first women accused of witchcraft in Salem.  It is believed that her name is mentioned because she was of a lower class, and therefore the girls knew the accusations against her would not be called into question.  A sickly woman, she had not attended church for three years; a fact which only giving credence to the girls’ claims against her. Tituba also indicates the Goody Osborne has conversed with the devil, but it should be remembered that the Putnam’s have already suggested the name to her, thus giving her a justified reason to call out her name.


Osborne is mentioned in the play, but not seen.  In the 1996 movie version, Arthur Miller added her character to the script.


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Goodwife Osburn is one of the two women named as witches by Tituba, the Reverend Parris's Barbadian slave.  As soon as Tituba names Osburn as a witch (along with Goodwife Good), Mrs. Ann Putnam takes this accusation as proof that Osburn is responsible for the deaths of at least three of her babies because Osburn has served as a midwife to her three times.  "My babies always shriveled in her hands!" she cries.  In order to increase her own credibility as an accuser, Abigail Williams then repeats Tituba's accusation of Goody Osburn again at the very end of the act.  Later, when Mary Warren goes home to the Proctors' house after another long day in court, she tells John and Elizabeth that Goodwife Osburn has been found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to hang.  This is all we learn of Osburn's fate in the play itself.

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Sarah Osborne was one of the 1st three women to be accused of witchcraft.