Could someone give me a summary of Leaving Tangier by Tahar Ben Jelloun?

In summary, Leaving Tangier is about people in Tangier who are willing to do whatever it takes to enjoy a new life in Spain. Azel compromises his sexual identity by becoming involved with Miguel, who makes it possible for him to get to Spain. Miguel later marries Azel's sister, Kenza, so that she too can live in Spain.

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In many ways, Leaving Tangier is a tale as old as time: it is the story of would-be emigrants who want to escape their own troubled country and carve out a better life for themselves in greener pastures.

This is the story of a young Moroccan man named Azel, who lives in Tangier, from where he can almost taste a better life in Spain. Despite the fact that he has a law degree, he's had no luck finding work in Tangier. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol, drugs, and the bosom of...

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