Identify three reasons why"feminist theory" is true.

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One reason why feminist theory can be seen as true would be that it is an ongoing struggle.  Even the most optimistic view of gender relations would concede that there are issues of gender inequality.  Feminist theory asserts this idea.  It uses gender as the lens through which art, society, and notions of truth are perceived. Feminist theory can be seen as true because it opens a discussion about the conditions in which gender bias is present and what enables those conditions to be present.  It helps to initiate discourse and generates multiple points of view on a given topic.

The need to examine the issue of power is another reason why feminist theory is true.  Power is a shifting quality.  The constiuting elements of power and why it is the way it is can lie in feminist theory.  Gender bias as reflected in power is another justification in the veracity of gender relations.  How power is wielded and why it is exercised in the way it is can be seen through the valence of feminist theory.  Doing so enables examination of the foundations of power in the modern setting.  The use of feminist theory in this light can help to ensure that power is representational of gender- based interests.  This becomes another reason why feminist  theory is valid and true.

Finally, as the world become more interconnected and linked through technology, issues such as gender awareness are becoming more widely discussed.  For example, when Malala Yousafzi is gunned down as a girl going to school, it helped to highlight a discourse that in different parts of the world, girls are denied educational opportunities that boys enjoy.  Feminist theory is true in this regard.  It helps to enhance a discussion of women's rights, an expression of what is in the hopes of what can be.  As women's rights are more understood throughout the world as issues that hold validity and relevance, feminist theory aids people in better understanding the conditions of men and women in the modern setting.  In the process, feminist theory can provide the language of transformation.  This becomes another reason why it is true.  The reality of change and social advancement can only be possible when ideas such as feminist theory are openly discussed.

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