Could someone Define or explain "Works Cited" and give me an example of a complete, correct gramamatically sentence to explain or define it please?

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When doing research for a composition or research project, it is imperative that you document your sources. There are two parts to this. A bibliography documents all of the sources you consulted, while a works cited page documents all of the sources referenced in your final writing.

The works cited page will be found at the end of your document, and it will need to follow the format of the particular citation style for the document. Each of the major styles—MLA, APA, Chicago—has its own style of citation, and instructors are usually adamant about the citation source used for the writing they require.

So, to put the definition of “Works Cited” into one grammatical sentence, you might say: A works cited page comes at the end of specific pieces of writing, and it documents the sources the author references in that work.



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