Percy Bysshe Shelley's biography - his theory- feature- works – poems. the information should be conncted to the century and the poem Ode to the west wind

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The poem 'Ode to the west wind' by Percy Bysshe Shelley demonstrates perfectly the poet's sharply observational style and it is hardly surprising, given the breath of nature that breezes through it, to find out that he actually wrote the poem in a wood near the river Arno, in Florence, Italy.

He is almost calling up the wind as if using a charm or spell - it is possible that he may have beeen thinking of sparking his imagination (in classical times the wind was associated with imagination.) He is also thinking of the wind in terms of its power - both to destroy and also to renew. It is a musical poem with many run-on lines with many questions and much symbolism. One theme it may symbolize (and which may be worth examination in terms of your assignment on the current social times) is that of the way in which the wind is like new political ideas which sweep over the faces of nations.

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