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What does "Insha'Allah" mean?

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The term "Insha' Allah" is an expression of hope.  It is similar to the Spanish term, "Ojala que," intending to express a sense of optimism in the future.  It is a conditional expression in the Arabic lexicon that means hope for an event to take place with the invocation of the Islamic force of the divine in Allah to guide it.  The term is meant to indicate the will of the Divine blessing a specific action.  It is also meant to invoke the name of the Divine in conversing about something that is upcoming.  The term can also be used to explain why something has happened in terms of linking it to the will of the divine, such as "It was God's will."  Yet, it is the conditional tense where the term finds the most amount of use.  It is a form of expression that speaks of the future without losing the sight that everything that is to happen and could happen is an extension of the will of the divine.  Through the invocation of the name of the divine, the hopeful element of the future, through an almost reverential prayer, is evident.  The term, itself, is a reference point for God and the power of the divine in the lives of human beings. 

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