Could it possibly be that the guys now in our population don't respect women the way they should... Because it sure does seen that way ??? Could it possibly be that the guys now in our...

Could it possibly be that the guys now in our population don't respect women the way they should... Because it sure does seen that way ??? 

Could it possibly be that the guys now in our population don't respect women the way they should... Because it sure does seen that way ???

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many factors involved here:  a young man's background and parental guidance play a huge part; the way that young man's father treats his mother; and society as a whole--including, but not limited to the media.

Hollywood does not usually portray women as intelligent and efficient human beings.  Nine times out of ten the women in movies, commercials, and music videos are running around half-naked with private things exposed and playing more on physical aspects than cerebral ones.  What is this teaching our young men and women?  That women are objects of desire and, for women, if you don't look like that, you're ugly. It's a lose-lose situation.

If young men aren't taught not to hit young women, to open the doors for young women, to allow young women to pass through doors first, to come to the door when picking them up for a date instead of honking the horn from the driveway, they are really at a loss.  They treat young women as they would their young male friends. 

Not that I am excusing the lack of respect, but because women have been demanding equal treatment for so long, the young men of the world may have a hard time determining when you want to be treated as they treat their young male friends and when you want to be treated as a young lady. 

My advice?  Politely remind the young men in your life what you would like to see and what you wouldn't.  Don't tolerate inappropriate nicknames or behavior. Don't date the ones who don't listen.

rshaffer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interesting question. I'm not sure what you mean by "the way they should," but I believe you mean that men today don't treat women with respect. Part of me wants to agree with this statement, saying gone are the days of "gentlemen" and "chivalry" in our youth. In the "good 'ole days," a gentleman would open the door for her; walk beside her or a little behind her, not in front of her; tip his hat in passing; speak properly to her, without using curse words; cater to her "every whim"; ask permission to date, kiss, etc. Oh yes, "gone are the good 'ole days." Today a young man will walk through a door without even noticing who is with him; walk 50 yards in front of her because he's in a hurry not to miss a sport's game; question why it is disrespectful to have a hat on in an institution, even while eating dinner across from a her; burps, farts, and curses in front of anyone that is around, including mothers; wears pants that sag halfway down his legs with his underwear hanging out, thinking it's not a big deal; caters to one person and one person only, himself.

You may nod your head in agreement with most of my observations, but don't agree too quickly. To say that men today treat women poorly, one must look at today's women. Gone are the girls who want treated with respect. Now we have girls who wear far too revealing clothes and keep with guys in every aspect of burping, farting, cursing, and selfishness. So,why the question? You'll be treated as you demand.

afi80fl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think we definitely respect women, and treat them as equals.  Then again, I see things from my perspective, and I've always been one to judge based on merits rather than gender or other birth-assigned traits. 

Some states have female governors, and some countries have had female premiers, chancellors, and prime ministers.  So, yes... females are respected.  In fact, here in the American South, you're likely to see a door held for a lady while it might smack a guy in the face.  Most guys I know wouldn't dare go "dutch" on a date, but that's just an example of Southern chivalry. 

I think it really might depend on what part of the world you're discussing in terms of "population."

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you say "the way they should", by what standards are you judging? People should all treat each other with respect, regardless of gender. Rudeness goes both ways and is shown in the media as a source of humor. Children tend to emulate what they see, and if what they are shown are people of both genders using rudeness to be funny, that could be a reason for what you are seeing. I say that women and men have an equal responsibility to treat everyone respectfully.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are making the judgement about respect based on men today compared to men of yesteryear then perhaps we need to consider the wants and needs of contemporary women compared to women of yesteryear.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe men should respect women and women should respect men. Perhaps there are men who do not respect women the way they should. Similarly there are women who do not respect men. I think it is not right to classify all in one group.

Also we need to be clear about what we mean by "respect women the way they should." There was a time when women were given special respect and privileges by men because women were considered fairer, weaker, and in many respects better than men - recall the phrase "better half". I do not know if it is right for women, who claim to be equal to men in every respect, which means no better and no worse, and do not hesitate to describe men in derogatory terms such as "male chauvinist pigs" to expect continue to receive these extra privileges.

ukvm | Student
Could it possibly be that the guys now in our population don't respect women the way they should... Because it sure does seen that way ??? 

Could it possibly be that the guys now in our population don't respect women the way they should... Because it sure does seen that way ???

The issue of how woman are respected is down to the individual. Today both partners in a relationship have a need to have an income, this alone is a big change from the past. My personal opinion is that if you want a man who will treat you with respect, then you will find them out there some where, I myself would not use abusive language in front of a lady or even a man if that is the way they themselves act, this does not meen that if they sware then i will join in. You must set your own standards and if the people you socialise with do not reach your expectations , you should consider telling them that you do not appreciate their manner, or you could find different friends. Always, of course remembering that if you expect some one to behave in a certain manner, that you also act in that manner. You may want to let your hair down every now and again, but this may seem to others that this is your true self and they will treat you with this in mind. Also, don't forget that even in bygone ages there were many who would not act as was seen to be acceptable. Treat others as you would expect to be treated and they will soon respect your ways, and if they dont, why are you putting up with them.

ukvm | Student

you could well be right, we all have different ideas of how we should treat each other. I do believe woman should be respected properly. when we first meet each other we have to sum up what the other person is like, this is where the respect is earned. If we behave in a manner that is not appropriate to the other person, we will not proceed in any sort of friendship. there are people out there that will show us the respect we require. we do have to look for those people, because we can assume every one we meet will be the same. we form an impression, within a few seconds, of some one we meet for the first time, so it is right that we try to show a good impression of ourselves in those few seconds too. Do not lower your standards, the right people will respond.

fulan | Student

I dont think they dont respect women because women nowadays have the same rights that men have. In my point of view, a man without a woman, is nothing because success depends on comfortable settlement which mainly depends on the present of a woman.