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If I could only read one of Ishiguro's books, whick one should I pick? I'm writing a research paper on Kazuo Ishiguro and would like to gain a better knowledge of his writings.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The previous thoughts on "The Remains of the Day" are great ones.  I think that this is probably my favorite Ishiguro novel.  His depth towards the idea of misplaced loyalty is a great one.  Stevens' mislaid loyalty to Lord Darlington, and not speaking out against what he perceived to be miscalculations of judgments are an emotional parallel to Darlington's misapplication of political loyalty in his belief of appeasement and its effectiveness.  In the end, both the mistakes of the personal and the political are able to be explored in a manner of reflections that allow the reader to understand how politics and love can be similar in the notion of misapplied loyalty and missed opportunities, and how our decisions as human beings have to be viewed at all points in our lives, not merely "the remains of the day" in our own settings.

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Kitty Sharp eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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My favorite Kazuo Ishiguro title is The Remains of the Day.  The novel is set in England where the protagonist, an older butler named Stevens, works at Darlington Hall.  He falls in love with a co-worker, Miss Kenton, but he never tells her how he feels.  Stevens keeps his feelings inside about many things, and he finds that he suffers because of it. 

I really appreciate the narrative voice and perspective in the novel--Ishiguro captures the voice of the older English butler and the reader sympathizes with Stevens's problems with communication. 

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