Could I have the theme of the poem, "Loveliest of Trees."The Poem is written by A.E.Housman.  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of the poem is the idea that time is fleeting and one must take as much opportunity as possible to enjoy what is present in one's lifetime.  The opening stanza speaks of the natural beauty of the blooming cherry blossom tree.  The second stanza indicates that time is fleeting, and the time to enjoy the blossoming will only happen one more time each year for the rest of his life, which he estimates at fifty more years.  While the speaker should take advantage of this and enjoy it while it blooms each season, it would also bring him happiness if he was able to observe its beauty even in winter, when "hung with snow."  The poem does stress the theme of appreciation of nature and of life in its natural beauty.  Yet, it also stresses that there are more opportunities to experience this joy even when elements of existence are not in their most natural beauteous state.  The speaker suggests that by seeing the tree in the winter, he will be able to experience it more than simply one time in the year.  Time will always pass and the speaker cannot change that.  This is why the moments and experiences that are joyous in one instant can also possess beauty when we partake in them as often as possible.  The theme of life's experiences being felt in any and all conditions seems to be the theme of the poem.

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