Could I have a chapter summary and analysis of "Tuck Everlasting" Chapters 14-25?

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There is not space here for all that you ask, but I can provide  you with a brief summary for each chapter, 14-25.

14 - The family prepares for bed.  Each member comes out to see if Winnie is ok.  Jesse asks her to drink from the spring and marry him.15 - The stranger tells Winnie’s family he'll rescue Winnie in exchange for the woods. 16 - The constable and the stranger start into the woods to find Winnie.  The stranger rides ahead and keeps watch.

17 - Miles takes Winnie fishing and tells about his son and daughter. 

18 - The stranger arrives when the group are eating breakfast.  19 - The stranger explains that he has been searching for the Tucks for years.  He wants bottle and sell the water.  The family protests.  He grabs Winnie.  Mae hits him with the gun and the constable sees.

20 - The constable takes Mae to jail.  Winnie goes home.

21 - Winnie is welcomed by the family.  The constable says the stranger has died and Mae will hang.  22 - Jesse shows up with a bottle for her to drink when she is seventeen.  She plans to take Mae’s place that night so the family can escape.  23 - Winnie struggles with her decision.  24 - The Tucks break into the cell, put Winnie in, and escape.25 - Two weeks later, and Winnie has been confined to the yard.  She uses the water Jesse gave her to protect a toad from the street. 

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