How do I write an introduction paragraph to an essay on Jack's character development thoughout Lord of the Flies?

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An introduction paragraph on Jack’s character development needs a solid thesis statement and specific evidence.

The most important component of an introduction is a thesis statement.  We need to begin with a thesis statement, even if it is not the first sentence in your essay.  This is because the thesis is a road map to the essay, and tells you what you will be writing about.

Essentially, Jack develops from the choirmaster to a savage tyrant.  You can write this in a thesis statement with something like this.

Throughout the book, Jack develops from a boy who wants to be regarded as a man to a complete savage who is more interesting in getting and keeping power than in leading.

This statement focuses on where Jack starts out—wanting to be grown up—and where he ends up—violent and out of control.  It also stresses his downward spiral of leadership.  You will want to follow this up with evidence.  

First of all, look at what Jack says when he first appears.

Kids’ names,” said Merridew. “Why should I be Jack? I’m Merridew.”
Ralph turned to him quickly. This was the voice of one who knew his own mind. (ch 1)

Jack is clearly already a leader, since he is choirmaster.  He impresses Ralph, who is looking for a leader.  Ralph gets chosen over Jack because on the conch.

Compare this to Jack at the end of the story, when Jack is preparing to beat one of the little boys for no apparent reason.

“He’s going to beat Wilfred.”
“What for?”
Robert shook his head doubtfully.
“I don’t know. He didn’t say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up.
He’s been”—he giggled excitedly—“he’s been tied for hours, waiting—” (ch 9)

Ultimately these quotes will be used as your evidence in the body of the essay, but the facts they point to will be used in your introduction.

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