Could I have an explanation for the stanzas of 'The Rime of The Ancient Mariner' Part One?

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suman1983 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be a little bit difficult to discuss a stanza wise summary of the poem in this short span. Basically it is a poem spoken by a Mariner about his sea voyage. The listener is a wedding guest who has been stopped by the Mariner. Critics debate about the significance of the events and characters described throughout the poem. A number of critics consider the poem as a Christian allegory whereas some read the poem as Coleridge’s personal biography.

The enhanced eText of eNotes may help you to understand the poem thoroughly. An extensive criticism is also available in eNotes for a detailed critical understanding. Please visit the following links.

ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part I is the exposition of the poem. An ancient seafarer stops a guest going to a wedding and says he must tell the guest a story. The mariner proceeds to tell about a time he was a seaman on a ship bound for the polar regions. Once the ship gets close to their destination, it is stuck in ice. Suddenly, the men see an albatross and consider it a good luck symbol, probably because it meant they were close to land. They began to feed the bird and it stayed with them. Finally, the ice split and the ship was freed. As the ship continued on its journey, the albatross followed the ship until the mariner took his crossbow and killed the albatross with an arrow.

krishnakaul | Student

A simple explanation of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is that it tells the story of a mariner who is on a long voyage and runs into three men who are en route to a wedding. He proceeds to tell him a story about the albatross that he killed and that he must continue to tell the story throughout eternity.

Though the three men find this amusing at first, they note that the mariner’s fellow sailors are dying, and that he has managed to outlive the young. This offers some credibility to the notion that he must tell the story of his sin throughout eternity.

yaokvivek | Student

i will give the exp:

an old mariner stops one of 3 men! the old man forces him to stay! he starts the sory!they were going south! the storm blast was fierce! it was so strong and fierce and fast that it appeared like the storm chasing the ship (imagery of pursuit) it was dam cold and snowy. the ship got stuck in the ice! the water froze to become ice! then a bird called albatross came! the ice bbroke away! they considered it as the "christian soul" they gave it food! it accompanied them for a long way! but the ancient mariner had killed it ( this shows mans cruelity and ability to kill without provocation)!



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