Could the grandmother be a misfit in this story as well? If so, in which ways do you think she is a misfit and is not a misfit? How could you exactly determine a misfit?

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A misfit, as the word implies, is someone who doesn't fit in with a group. The man called the Misfit clearly doesn't fit into society at large, as he is an escaped convict and a murderer. But the grandmother also doesn't fit in. In her case, she doesn't fit well with her family group, making her a misfit on a smaller scale.

First, the grandmother wants to go to Tennessee for vacation, while the rest of the family wants to go to Florida. Second, when she repeatedly comes up with reasons not to go to Florida, her son and daughter-in-law simply ignore her as if she is not there, and her grandson, John Wesley, says:

If you don’t want to go to Florida, why dontcha stay at home?

The granddaughter, June Star, is also rude to her: it becomes clear the grandmother has only been invited along because the family feels obligated to bring her, not because she's wanted. At the Tower, when she asks Bailey to dance, he "glares" at her without responding, suggesting he is already fed up with her. Even her luggage doesn't fit well into the car, so that it is finally her cat jumping out a basket that causes the accident that leads to the bad ending.

The grandmother's depiction in the story shows us several ways we can identify a misfit: her presence is tolerated rather than wanted, she gets on her children's and grandchildren's nerves, often what she says is ignored, and her needs are not seen as important.

Being a misfit doesn't necessarily make someone a bad person: there are groups we fit in and groups we don't. Not everyone is going to be comfortable or accepted everywhere. We see how much better the grandmother fits in with Red Sam, for example, who actually appreciates talking to her.

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The grandmother could certainly be considered a misfit; however, that all depends on your definition of a misfit. If you are defining the term as does, as someone who is "not suited or is unable to adjust to the circumstances of his or her particular situation" then she definitely can be considered a misfit. She is out of place throughout the story. She does not fit in with the rest of her family or even the society in which she is living. She is always referencing the the way things used to be. This is where the title comes into play. From the discussion she has with Red Sammy Butts about how you can not trust anybody anymore. She is out of touch with the realities of the new world. She is always trying to act proper but uses horrible terms like "pinckaninny".  However, she could be considered as not a misfit for the same reasons. She is easily characterized and not hard to understand. She is very set in her ways and lets the other characters know how they should be.

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